5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Visit Lake Toba

Indonesia has lots of intriguing destinations to see across the archipelago, but Lake Toba is in the limelight for quite a while now. Why? Before this year, President Jokowi mandated several important ministries to accelerate the growth of Lake Toba since it considered that the Northern Sumatra lake could develop into the “Monaco of Asia”. With this job, the building of infrastructure and facilities, such as access roads, amusement facilities and support centers for travelers, will be improved and developed.

Of course, better facilities will draw more travelers to stop by Lake Toba, but that does not indicate that the big natural lake does not have an appeal all of its own.

The lake has a restricted catchment area high in the median mountain spine of Sumatra. It divides into the Asahan River which drains to the north into the Strait of Malacca and the Andaman Sea. The lake water is stratified, thus oligomictic. It has a well-marked epilimnion, using a poor metalimnion at 25-50 meters. Here are five reasons why to visit before the crowds descend.

World’s Largest Volcanic Lake

Did you know that Lake Toba is the largest volcanic lake in the entire world? Yes, you read that correctly. The period of the lake is 100 kilometres with a 300-kilometre width. Based on research undertaken by the Michigan Technological University, Lake Toba was formed by an explosion which happened about 73,000 to 75,000 decades back. It is ironically also indicated as the most massive eruption in the world that caused the extinction of 60 percent of the human race. This reason alone is enough for anyone who wants to pay a visit to the area.

Unparalleled Beauty

For those who want to get natural beauty, subsequently, Lake Toba is the answer. Why? The lake is a lovely expanse of water surrounded by beautiful mountains. The lake also features plenty of flora and fauna, overgrown with pine and palm trees with wild animals including reptiles, orangutans, tapirs, and langur monkeys.

Samosir Island

Lake Toba is also prominent for Samosir Island, located directly in the center of this lake. The island also provides various arts and cultures, and travellers will find the chance to see traditional Batak houses, as well as the way to weave North Sumatra’s traditional fabric, known as ulos.

The Mysterious Doll

The dolls are made of wood and could be seen dancing throughout a Batak match. Not only that, but Sigale-gale dolls also have spiritual importance and mysticism: they are sometimes seen dancing throughout funerals, for instance.

Yummy Food

It is a gourmet paradise at Lake Toba since there are loads of Medan delicacies extended in the region. We recommend sitohap porridge, a staple in this Silalahi community, that have dwelt around the shores of Lake Toba for decades, and that is made out of ginger, candlenut and andaliman in addition to sitohap leaves which develop from the woods surrounding the region. The porridge could be appreciated with pieces of crackers and chicken. For dessert, people should attempt lapet: a traditional Batak cake that’s ordinarily moulded in pyramid shapes and wrapped in banana leaves. The cake consists of grated coconut and rice then cooked –a matching sausage for afternoon tea to be appreciated while looking in the enchanting vista of Lake Toba.

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5 Best Bunaken Foods That You Must-Try

Bunaken Island is a side of the Bunaken National Marine Park. It covers an area of 890 square km. It includes other islands such as Manado Tua, Siladen, Mantehage, Nain, and Nain Kecil, apart from the Bunaken Island. The island itself stretches over 8 square kilometers, and it is found in the northern end of Sulawesi Island in Indonesia. The island is also well recognized to water sports enthusiasts. It offers a fantastic spot for scuba diving, diving, etc.

Bunaken is also famous for the beautiful, clear waters with nearly 35 meters of visibility nor flora and fauna found in the area. There are at least seventy distinct kinds of corals, five sea turtles species, and a wide variety of fishes with nearly 70% of the species. It is located in the Indo-Western Pacific Ocean, which is found at Bunaken. Apart from these, the white-tip and black-tip reef sharks are located alongside dugongs, tuna, barracuda, and saltwater crocodiles.

Many 20,000 local inhabitants make their living from the Bunaken National Marine Park’s seas, which has inevitably led to some battles. By and large, though, the cooperation between local and national government authorities, conservation groups, business owners, and local communities has been quite useful here. This has led many to mention Bunaken as a model example of how Indonesia ought to be preserving its natural marine treasures.

Besides being famous for its abundance of the ocean, Bunaken is also renowned for its specialties. The island, which is located in the Bay of Manado, north of this Sulawesi archipelago. It has a perfect name, both domestically and globally. But do you understand those traveler buddies, famous because of their abundance of the sea, this island of 8.08 square kilometers also has a set of compelling specialties, you know. Here are five best  Bunaken foods You have to taste:

1. Cakalang Fufu

Cakalang Fufu is one of the dishes on the coast of Bunaken that you can not overlook. Lovers of Indonesian culinary tourism are not there with this particular food, since in Manado, this food is so popular. This food is made mainly from cakalang fish, and this dish is usually served at the kind of processed coconut milk.

2. Tinutuan

Yet another dish on the coast of Bunaken, which is also a typical Manado food, Tinutuan. This meal, which is usually served as breakfast, has a texture similar to porridge. Inside are numerous combinations of green vegetables, pumpkin, rice porridge, and corn.

3. Sambal Roa

Produced from Roa fish, a flying fish that’s smoked dry, this regular Bunaken chili is a complementary menu for Tinutuan dishes. This chili sauce would be the equal of Roa fish and chilies, which are finely milled and cooked in a little oil. Then blended with cayenne pepper, shallots, garlic, tomatoes, salt, and sugar were mashed.

4. Dabu-Dabu

Appreciating the shore of Bunaken while eating the typical dishes there wouldn’t be complete without the existence of a food seasoning, Dabu-Dabu. This hot flavoring dish is made of a mix of chopped chilies, tomatoes, and shallots. Dabu-Dabu is generally served alongside a menu of processed fish and grilled fish.

5. Woku pot

This menu is an icon of North Sulawesi culinary tourism. Woku, an everyday Manado spice cooked using a pot made from clay. We will find processed fish mixed with lime leaves, pandan leaves, turmeric leaves, lemongrass, basil, chilies, and other aromatic spices.

These are the five best Bunake foods a traveler buddy must taste! To get more exciting information about Bunaken, please visit Wonderful Indonesia.